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Monday: One Point Nihongo Clinic

Particles – Difference between “To” and “Ya” (Degas)    1) Mari-san-to Kenji-san-wa Kookoo Ninenseidesu. [Mari and Kenji are second year high school students.]    2) Watashi-wa Eiga-to Ongaku-ga Sukidesu. [I like movies and music.]    3) Tukue-no Ue-ni Hon-to Nooto-ga Arimasu. [There is a book and a notebook on the desk.]    4) Getsuyobi-to Suiyobi-to Kinyobi-ni Sakkaa-no Renshuu-ga Arimasu. [We have soccer training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.]    <Question> Can you replace all these “to” with “ya” in Japanese?    1) No. This is a statement regarding Mari and Kenji. Focus is placed only on Mari and Kenji.    2) No. Refer to the conversation below:     Tomoko: Gaka-no …

Friday: Kojiki (「乞食」ではなく『古事記』ですヨ!!) #23 – 5/5

Umisachibiko and Yamasachibiko (Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko)  Hoori was so smart that all his plans worked very well. Toyotamabime came out to see who was out there and found him. At first sight, she believed that he was her Mr. Right! She came back in and reported that to her father god of the sea. The god came out to see and instantly identified who he was!  He came back in again to prepare the place appropriate to invite one of the Heavenly God’s sons in. He spread out the skins of sea lions. On top of those, he spread out the silk mats. Then, he brought Hoori in …

Friday: Kojiki (「乞食」ではなく『古事記』ですヨ!!) #23 – 4/5

Umisachibiko and Yamasachibiko   (Water Pail)  When Hoori asked the servant for some water, she offered it in a beautifully ornamented water pail. Hoori didn’t drink any, but he untied his gem necklace and took out one of those gems, putting it into his mouth to spit it out into the water pail! Amazingly, due to his magical power of his saliva, the gem got stuck to the pail, which the servant couldn’t get rid of. Hoori’s plan was – Toyotamabime’s servant would take the pail back to her to show her what happened. Then, she would notice someone was waiting for her outside.  Hoori’s plan worked out very well. …

Friday: Kojiki (「乞食」ではなく『古事記』ですヨ!!) #23 – 3/5

Umisachibiko and Yamasachibiko (Urashima Taro and Otohime/Toyotamabime*)  The god in charge of the tides called Shiotsuchi-no Kami was sympathized deeply with Hoori. He put Hoori into a tightly bamboo-woven boat and gave him detailed instructions.  “I will push away this boat and you just follow the current. That way you will find the “right way” to the Palace of Sea God called Watatsumi-no Kami. The roof of the Palace looks like fish scales. As soon as you get there, you climb up on a Katsura tree leaning over a well. Watatsumi has a beautiful daughter. She will take care of you when she notices you on the tree.”   (Bamboo Basket) …

Friday: Kojiki (「乞食」ではなく『古事記』ですヨ!!) #23 – 2/5

Umisachibiko and Yamasachibiko  Hoderi never gave up on his fishing hook, which was indispensable to him, and blamed his younger brother so harshly and urged him to go get it back for him no matter what. Hoori, on the other hand, was totally at a loss because there would be no chance that he could get it back in the ocean.  So, Hoori made 500 fishing hooks out of his treasure sword called Totsuka-no Tsurugi in exchange for his brother’s fishing hook he lost. Hoderi refused to take them. Then, Hoori made additional 1000 fishing hooks to compensate the one he lost. Hoderi insisted that Hoori should get his original …

Friday: Kojiki (「乞食」ではなく『古事記』ですヨ!!) #23 – 1/5

Umisachibiko and Yamasachibiko  Ninigi-no Mikoto and Konohana-no Sakuyabime had 3 children gods. One of them was called Hoderi-no Mikoto or Umisachibiko, which means the man whose specialty was fishing, while another was called Hoori-no Mikoto, which means the man whose specialty was hunting in the mountains.    Hoori-no Mikoto asked his older brother, “Why don’t we exchange our tools?” His brother refused. Then, he asked him again. His brother declined his offer. He begged for it once again, but only in vain.  Hoori insisted that they should exchange their tools because it would be fun! Since Hoori was so annoying that Hoderi reluctantly agreed with his younger brother….   Hoori tried …

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