Umisachibiko and Yamasachibiko



(Water Pail)

 When Hoori asked the servant for some water, she offered it in a beautifully ornamented water pail. Hoori didn’t drink any, but he untied his gem necklace and took out one of those gems, putting it into his mouth to spit it out into the water pail! Amazingly, due to his magical power of his saliva, the gem got stuck to the pail, which the servant couldn’t get rid of. Hoori’s plan was – Toyotamabime’s servant would take the pail back to her to show her what happened. Then, she would notice someone was waiting for her outside.

 Hoori’s plan worked out very well. The servant, who took the pail with the gem back to Toyotamabime, was asked to explain what happened outside. She even asked her if there was someone outside. Her servant answered yes and reported exactly what happened to her outside.

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