Umisachibiko and Yamasachibiko


(Urashima Taro and Otohime/Toyotamabime*)

 The god in charge of the tides called Shiotsuchi-no Kami was sympathized deeply with Hoori. He put Hoori into a tightly bamboo-woven boat and gave him detailed instructions.

 “I will push away this boat and you just follow the current. That way you will find the “right way” to the Palace of Sea God called Watatsumi-no Kami. The roof of the Palace looks like fish scales. As soon as you get there, you climb up on a Katsura tree leaning over a well. Watatsumi has a beautiful daughter. She will take care of you when she notices you on the tree.” 


 (Bamboo Basket)

 Hoori simply followed every instruction the tide god gave him. Things happened exactly as the tide god described. The name of the Sea God’s daughter was Toyotamabime. Her servant was out there and noticed Hoori sitting on the tree.

 The girl was getting water out of the well and saw Hoori’s reflection on the water. She admired him and wondered what was going on.

 [NOTE] Toyotamabime: