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Yoko Tadda is a Japanese linguistics expert with a passion for educating others about the intricacies of both Japanese culture and language.

Ever since falling in love with Shigin(the ancient art of singing Japanese/Chinese poetry) as a young girl living in Wakayama, Yoko has been possessed with a fierce love for language. After studying the intricate Kanbun Chinese writing system often used in Shigin, Yoko decided to dedicate her life to learning, with fluency in over 20 languages and counting!

Yoko Seto Tadda

Opting to study American English in university, Yoko eventually became a tutor and teacher on the side, eventually realizing that guiding and inspiring others is her true life-calling.

From the time she completed her Masters at Kansai Gaidai University to the time she moved across the Pacific Ocean from her native Japan to the United States, Yoko has excelled as a language expert, business owner, Shigin singer, and Judo athlete.

With literally thousands of satisfied language students in her storied 40-year teaching career, several published books (including new publications in the works), and a long list of accolades, Yoko remains an absolute force of nature to this very day.


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