Umisachibiko and Yamasachibiko


(Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko)

 Hoori was so smart that all his plans worked very well. Toyotamabime came out to see who was out there and found him. At first sight, she believed that he was her Mr. Right! She came back in and reported that to her father god of the sea. The god came out to see and instantly identified who he was!

 He came back in again to prepare the place appropriate to invite one of the Heavenly God’s sons in. He spread out the skins of sea lions. On top of those, he spread out the silk mats. Then, he brought Hoori in and had him sit down on the silk mats. He celebrated by offering a variety of cuisines and special auspicious items on the table. He meant to have his daughter marry Hoori. This smart and good looking heavenly god stayed there for the next 3 years.

 By the way, Hoori was supposed to come here to find his brother’s fishing hook, wasn’t he? Did he think it was okay for him to stay in the Sea Palace for such a long time?


(Shinto Marriage)