Umisachibiko and Yamasachibiko


 Ninigi-no Mikoto and Konohana-no Sakuyabime had 3 children gods. One of them was called Hoderi-no Mikoto or Umisachibiko, which means the man whose specialty was fishing, while another was called Hoori-no Mikoto, which means the man whose specialty was hunting in the mountains.



 Hoori-no Mikoto asked his older brother, “Why don’t we exchange our tools?” His brother refused. Then, he asked him again. His brother declined his offer. He begged for it once again, but only in vain.

 Hoori insisted that they should exchange their tools because it would be fun! Since Hoori was so annoying that Hoderi reluctantly agreed with his younger brother…. 


 Hoori tried so hard to fish, but he caught none. To make matters worse, he lost his brother’s fishing hook at last!

 All of sudden, Hoderi showed up there and looked in trouble, too, saying, “We shouldn’t have done that. You should stick to your specialty after all. Let’s exchange our tools back.”

 Hoori honestly confessed what happened to him and begged his brother for his mercy.