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Saturday Blog Cancelled…

Saturday’s Blog is Cancelled. (Navajo’s Amazing Sandpainting)  Due to its unpopularity, Saturday’s blog (A Trip to Navajo Country) is cancelled. I am thinking about something else for Saturday’s blog. If you have any request for the topic, please let me know! Thanks!

Global IME is BACK!!!!

Global IME is BACK!!!! (You don’t really appreciate something or someone until you lose it or him.)  It took me whole 7 hours since I seriously started to try to get my Japanese Global IME back – 9:00 p.m. though 4:00 a.m. I’ve gotta tons of things to say or to bitch Microsoft out, but you don’t wanna hear, do you?  I wanted to give you some advice when the same thing happen(ed) to you. I mean you are lured into downloading or upgrading to Windows 10, you don’t like it, you uninstall it, and then you lose something!  When I screwed this up, I panicked… called to ask Microsoft …

JUDO – Tadahiro Nomura 7th Dan

Tadahiro Nomura (Japan) got promoted to 7th Dan  Tadahiro Nomura (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tadahiro_Nomura) from Japan – 4 Times Gold Medalist in Olympics – got promoted to 7th Dan in July. Congratulations, Mr. Nomura! He is my 3rd favorite Judo athlete. My 1st favorite is Kyuzo Mifune 10 Dan (ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyuzo_Mifune) and 2nd is Toshihiko Koga (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toshihiko_Koga).   (Mifune 10 Dan – God of Judo) (Koga 7th Dan)  

Updated Announcement (Global IME)

   After Microsoft Global IME was gone with Windows 10, I haven’t got it back yet. Accordingly, it is impossible for me to update “Saturday’s Blog – Trip to the Navajo Coutry.” Sorry for the inconvenience again!  This week I will devote myself to getting it back and resuming Saturday’s Blog as well as to updating my website. New things are coming! Looking forward to getting your feedback!!  

Never upgrade to Windows 10!

Announcement  On Thursday evening, I ACCIDENTALLY upgrade my dear Windows 7 to Windows 10, prompted by Microsoft’s ad popping up way too often. This was one of my biggest mistake (I confess!). It took too long to install it. When I was aware that I could use it after a couple of hours or so, I found Windows 10’s got a millions flaws.   OK. Let’s move on. I decided to UNINSTALL it. It took another couple of hours! After that, what do you guys think happened? My Global IME (Japanese) is GONE!! Since then, I have been trying so hard to get it back, but only in vain.    Accordingly, …

Ask Me A Question and Get You A Free Lesson!

   Monday is the day when you ask me a question (or two?). You ask me a question on Japanese language or Japanese culture. When I pick it up in my Monday’s blog, you will get a free 45-minutes’ one-on-one lesson? No strings attached! Sounds good? Let’s get started!  Simply send your question or two by clicking “Contact Us.” I will get back to you within 12 hours!

JEN’s Additional Blog Schedule! Only in Hiragana and Katakana!

New!! Saturday Blog <ナバホインディアンのくにへ> My Reserch Trip to Navajo Reservation in Arizona (1995-1996)  On weekends, let’s focus on accelerating your reading ability! I wrote this unpublished book in Japanese about two decades ago. This is my real journal, not fiction, based on my stay on the Navajo Reservation in 1995 and 1996.  I will publish this only in Hiragana and Katakana so even beginners can read it. Remember? You have to read to improve your language skills drastically. Expect me to give out my original Japanese script if you would like a real challenge!   This new blog will show up on Saturdays, starting on July 18th. Questions are welcome (only …

Extra Comment on Thursday’s Blog (Japanese Food – Whale Cuisine)

 On an article in TIME FOR KIDS “A WHALE OF A DEBATE” – Very Biased Educational Material Last October, my 5th grader brought back this issue of TIME FOR KIDS (5-6 EDITION), which stunned me in not a good way at all. Very biased. Not suitable for an educational material. That was my first impression. I wrote about it in my Japanese blog, to which one of the very knowledgeable readers responded with so much frustration. He explained fully to me how right my first impression on this article was and how unfair whatever the author of this article wrote there was. Immediately after that, I translated his comment into English …

JEN’s Blog Schedule!

Here is JEN Blog Schedule! [Mondays] One Point NIHONGO Clinic [Tuesdays] Nihon-no Kotowaza (Japanese Proverb) [Wednesdays] Nihon-no Manga (Japanese Cartoon) [Thursday] Nihon-no Tabemono (Japanese Food) [Friday] Kojiki Have fun with ME (YOKO)!

Hello from Yoko Tadda!

Hello Future Japanese Experts and Big Warm Welcome!  It has been a couple of weeks since JapaneseExperts.net was open and ready to show you a magic of speaking Japanese! You may have been anxious to learn how to speak Japanese some day for a long time or may have been looking for a more skilled Japanese instructor because you have been stuck in a particular level for some time.  Anyway, here at JapaneseExperts.net, you sit back and relax. Look around to see if JEN could offer the service you want. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask JEN (ME = YOKO).  Now that the site itself is “settled” in …

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