Global IME is BACK!!!!


(You don’t really appreciate something or someone until you lose it or him.)

 It took me whole 7 hours since I seriously started to try to get my Japanese Global IME back – 9:00 p.m. though 4:00 a.m. I’ve gotta tons of things to say or to bitch Microsoft out, but you don’t wanna hear, do you?

 I wanted to give you some advice when the same thing happen(ed) to you. I mean you are lured into downloading or upgrading to Windows 10, you don’t like it, you uninstall it, and then you lose something!

 When I screwed this up, I panicked… called to ask Microsoft for help, only in vain. It took me so long (to get hold of someone), and I got nothing.

 Then, I calmed down and tried to focus on doing what I can do without Global IME until I had a little time to devote myself to this issue. Now my secret mission accomplished, last night I finally started to work on it.

 First I called (My laptop is Dell Lattitude E5520) and talked to 2 guys. I learned a lot about this problem.

 All I needed was “Reinstallation.” First, Dell told me to buy a full version of Windows 7 and have someone professional reinstall it. I checked the price at everywhere, including eBay. I saw a very affordable CD called “Reinstallation CD.” I thought it would be better to use a reinstallation cd rather than buying a full version CD. I didn’t think I had one, but I found mine. Super Lucky!! I didn’t even need technical help like the Dell guys said. Big saving of money!

 In a nutshell, you reinstall your Windows 7 if something is missing. Especially Windows 7 has Global IME preinstalled. You cannot meddle with anything when you are already in trouble. So, just reinstall your recovery CD, which will take care of restoration of something you accidentally lost. Well, you have to buy Window Software, though, if you don’t have a recovery CD. Basically, if you lose something, you have to reinstall the entire software. This is the only way you can fix your “tiny” problem. Whew….

 The best way to go, however, is NOT TO “UPGRADE” to Windows 10. One of my bigesst mistake! 

 Remember – You have to reinstall Windows 7 if you lose anything trivial by doing something WRONG! 

 Some belated Saturday’s blogs will be published soon today on Sunday!