On Thursday evening, I ACCIDENTALLY upgrade my dear Windows 7 to Windows 10, prompted by Microsoft’s ad popping up way too often. This was one of my biggest mistake (I confess!). It took too long to install it. When I was aware that I could use it after a couple of hours or so, I found Windows 10’s got a millions flaws. 

 OK. Let’s move on. I decided to UNINSTALL it. It took another couple of hours! After that, what do you guys think happened? My Global IME (Japanese) is GONE!! Since then, I have been trying so hard to get it back, but only in vain.  

 Accordingly, I haven’t been able to use Japanese font at all, which means that I cannot show you Japanese words or Japanese expressions in JAPANESE at all. The worst thing is I cannot publish Saturday’s Blogs, which seems very popular. Sorry about this inconvenience! Sorry to let you down.

 As soon as I fix (or have someone fix) this problem, I will start doing the same thing before the Windows 10 incident! Thanks all for your patience. Meanwhile, my blogs will not have Japanese fonts. When IME comes back, I promise I will go back to every blog and put Japanese in whereever is missing.

 Hold on! will revive even stronger ever!