(Home Made Chirashizushi for A Family and Guests)

chirashizushi (1)

 (Chirashizushi Served in an Individual Bowl at the Sushi Bar)

 Quite a while ago, Gomokuzushi (one kind of “Sushi”) was discussed in my blog. This is another kind of “Sushi.” The name of the cuisine which includes the word, “Sushi,” the rice is “vinegared.” This is one huge difference between OOO Don(buri) and XXX Sushi (or “-zushi” in one word). Sushi’s “Su” means “vinegar.” OOOdon (Donburi) use regular rice, NOT vinegared.

 Well, “Chirashizushi” include the word, “chirashi,” whose verb form is “chirasu (= scatter).” When you make it at home, you cook rice and mix it with vinegar. That’s the first step.  


  (Vinegared Rice You Prepared)

 Then, you scatter all other ingredients (seafood) on top of the rice.


 (Typical Ingredients)



 At the Sushi Bar, on the other hand, Sushi Chef makes Chirashizushi individually and charge each customer individually.


  As you can easily tell, Chirashizushi at the Sushi Bar costs you a lot. I personally like Nigirizushi better.

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 (Typical Nigirizushi)

 Nigirizushi or Nigiri was named after the way it is served – Sushi Chef picks up a little amount of vinegared rice and makes oval-shaped rice balls first. Then, he puts slices of fish a customer desires on top of the rice balls. The movement of making rice balls is called “Nigiru.” That’s why those sushi produced this way is called “Nigiri(zushi).”