Sain-wa V (サインはV)




(Started out in weekly “Shojo Furendo” in 1968 – “Friend of Girls”)



(Comics Version)

 Original Manga was not familiar with me because I was not a fan of weekly magazine called “Shojo Furendo” in early 70’s. But its TV show, which started in 1969, grabbed my attention (and entire nation). TV dramas dealing with a Volleyball theme had been created since Japanese women’s volleyball team called “Toyo-no Majo (Witches of the Orient)” won a Gold Medal in Tokyo Olympics in 1964, but “Sain-wa V” and “Attack No.1 (Anime)” enjoyed their top popularity (highest audience rating – 39.3%; average – 32.3%).

 Sata_Isobe_1964 th (2)

(“Toyo-no Majo” – “Witches of the Orient”)

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(TV Version of “Sain-wa V”)

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(Jacket of Opening Theme Song) 

 Because of the popularity of “Sain-wa V,”  tremendous numbers of girls in 70’s wanted to attend volleyball teams at middle schools or high schools. Ordinary girls, including ME, even tried unrealistic super duper volleyball skills they saw in the program! That was FUN!! 

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