Shiomitsutama and Shiofurutama


 Watatsumi-no Ookami (the Sea God) gave his son-in-law important advice before his departure. When you ruturn this fishing hook to your brother, you will cast a spell on it by saying, “This is a fishing hook which makes you closed minded and which drives you crazy with anger. This will bring you poverty. This will keep you foolish.”

 The Sea God also said, “Give it to him with your hands behind your back. If he crops dry paddies at a hight, you cultivate wet paddies at lower places. If he does at lower places, you do at a hight. Do exactly opposite to what he does. Since water is totally under my control, he will suffer from poverty within 3 years.”

 Lastly his powerful father-in-law gave him two “Tide Jewels* called Shiomitsutama and Shiofurutama” and said, “Should he attack you because of the consequence, throw Shiomitsutama at him. It will drown him. If he asks you to rescue him from drowning, take Shiofurutama out of your pocket and save his life. Make him suffer that way!”

 Right after that, the Sea God summoned all Wani (saltwater crocodiles/sharks) and said to them, ” Our Heavenly God will pay a visit to the Earthly World now. Who can send him there and come back here as quickly as possible?”

 There was a Wani called “Hitohiro (6 feet tall) Wani” among them, saying, “I can do that within 24 hours!”

 The Sea God said, “Fine, you go, then. Pay full attention to him so he won’t be scared when you travel.” And, he put Hoori-no Mikoto on Wani’s neck and sent them off.

 As promised, Hitohiro Wani successfully accomplished his mission. When Wani was about to leave, Hoori untied the string of a small sword attached to his hip and gave it to Wani. That is why the very Hitohiro Wani became a god called Sahimochi-no Kami (“Sahi” means a sharp knife).