Shiomitsutama and Shiofurutama


 When Hoori-no Mikoto got back home, he did exactly what he was told by his father-in-law. Hoderi-no Mikoto got his fishing hook back again, but he became poorer and poorer as the Sea God told Hoori. At last, enraged Hoderi attacked his brother as expected.

 Now Hoori took out those two tide jewels called Shiomitsutama and Shiofurutama. First, he used Shiomitsutama to nearly drown his brother. Agonized Hoderi asked him for rescue and Hoori did him a favor with Shiofurutama. He did it for several times, driving his brother crazy!

 Finally, Hoderi succumbed to his brother with his head on the ground, saying, “I am going to become your guardian day and night from now on.” 

 Accordingly, Hoderi’s offsprings called “Hayato” have served the Emperors of Japan while they have passed on how clumsily Hoderi, their ancestor, got out of drowning from generation to generation.

 This may be why the change of tide occurs…