Shiomitsutama and Shiofurutama


 One day Hoori-no Mikoto took a big sigh in the Sea Palace, where he had stayed for as long as 3 years. All of sudden, he remembered why he was there – He lost his brother’s fishing hook and had to find it!

 Toyotamabime saw her husband so depressed that she told her father, the Sea God, what she saw. She said, “I have never seen him so depressed. Do you have any idea why?” 

 The concerned father-in-law asked his son-in-law, “My daughter has been very worried about you after she saw you so depressed this morning. Please tell me the reason you came here in the first place. Is there anything I could help you?”

 Hoori explained to him what caused him to be there in detail and how important it was for him to get back his brother’s fishing hook as soon as possible. The Sea God summoned all the fish living in his ocean and asked them to see if there was a fish which took the very fishing hook Hoori was talking about.

 They said, “Recently a sea bream has been complaining about his throat where a bone-like thing gets stuck. He also told us that because of this problem, he cannot eat. We assume the sea bream did it!” They immediately checked his throat and found the very fishing hook! The Ocean God took it out, purified it, and ruturned it to Hoori.