Obento (Lunch Box)


(Variety of Lunch Boxes)

 In Japan, middle school students and high school students take their lunch boxes to school. After getting tired of Kyushoku (School Meal – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_meal) at elementary school, they are so excited to have their home made food at school. Usually leftover from the previous night are to be used. Some examples:


 th (3)

 th (4)

 th (9)

 th (17)

 th (20)

 th (25)

 th (23)

 th (29)

 th (26)

  Leftover can be beautifully arranged and rice balls or the part of rice can be impeccably decorated! With a few more ingredients, the bento box can change into ART with lots of FUN!! 



th (1)

th (2)

th (6)

th (13)


th (11)

th (28)

th (27)



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th (8)

th (10)

th (7)

(Serving Suggestions!?)

 To avoid “boredom,” a variety of lunch box with colorful utensils and cook books/website are available nowadays. In my days (late 60’s to 70’s), mothers tended to use aluminum lunch boxes like these:

th (32)

(For Boys)

th (31)

th (30)

(For Girls)

 The best thing about “Obento” is you will never forget your mother’s effort to fix obento for you every single day. That is one of your most reminiscent memories in your life!

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