Seeraa Muun (Sailor Moon)

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 The name of this Manga’s title came from “Sailor Suit” – Uniforms for middle/high school girls shown below:


 (Typical School Uniform For Fall and Winter)

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(For Spring and Summer)

 Each “warrior” wears her decorated costume devised from school uniforms like above. I know they look quite different from the reality because sailor suits those worriers wear are “costumes,” not uniforms after all.

 It is in 1992 that Sailor Moon came into the Manga market in Japan. Immediately its Manga version became a smash hit. TV shows, theatrical performances, toys and other character goods successfully followed, building one big franchise!

 Behind this social trend, there shows another dark side of Japanese culture, however. The fact that there are tremendous numbers of Sailor Moon fans, who consist of men and who are in their middle age or older, supports my theory.

 More or less – “solely” for some – “Sailor Moon” warriors are sex symbols. Let me explain.

 Take a look at the length of the skirt in the picture below and compare it with that of those goddesses’ skirts!


(Traditional School Uniform for Girls: Knees are supposed to be hidden!)

 Although the trend is girls skirts are getting shorter and shorter because private schools without “cool” uniforms like below won’t survive, “Sailor Moon” warriors’ skirts are nothing longer than their butts! Cannot happen in reality!


 (Girls choose their schools based on the design of uniforms!)

 Brazers, like above, can go well with short skirts while sailor jackets don’t. “Sailor Moon” broke this common sense, which “turns on” fetish and perverted souls. If you have a doubt, type in “Images of Japanese School Uniforms for Girls” in You can tell how many pornographic pictures show up! I have heard that a couple of popular bars force all their hostesses to wear “Sailor Suits.” Sex sells universally.

 This is one of the secrets why this freaky manga became so popular!!

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