Second Emperor through Ninth Emperor

Insei Tenno 2nd

(Emperor Suizei: Second Emperor of Japan)

 The part of Kojiki on Emperor Suizei ( through Emperor Kaika (Ninth Emperor of Japan) is extremely boring because of its nature – genealogical description. I don’t think you can stand it. So, I will describe the genealogy in detail only when the important emperor or half-god shows up.

 This part of Kojiki is called “Kesshi Hachidai – Only Genealogical Description but Achievements of the Eight Emperors (” Due to this “Kesshi Hachidai,” some historians of today maintain that there didn’t exist those eight emperors and that the author of Kojiki created “Kesshi Hachidai” to make the history of Japanese Royal Family longer than the reality.

 This historical opinion is backed by the facts that Emperor Koan and Emperor Korei survived more than 100 years, which doesn’t sound right to many. On the other hand, other historians maintain that you should ignore the part which is not plausible and that “half a year” was counted as “a year” in ancient history of Japan.

[Second Emperor Suizei]

  • Name: Kamununakawamimi-no Mikoto
  • Empress: Kawabatabime
  • Offspring: Shikitsuhiko Tamate-no Mikoto (Third Emperor)
  • Age of Death: 45

[Third Emperor Annei:]

  • Name: Shikitsuhiko Tamate-no Mikoto (First Prince of Emperor Suizei)
  • Empress: Akutohime
  • Offsprings: Tokonetsuhiko Irone-no Mikoto; Ooyamato Hikosukitomo-no Mikoto (Fourth Emperor); Shikitsuhiko-no Mikoto
  • Age of Death: 49 

[Fourth Emperor Itoku:] 

  • Name: Ooyamato Hikosukitomo-no Mikoto (Second Prince of Emperor Annei)
  • Empress: Futomawakahime-no Mikoto
  • Offsprings: Mimatsuhikokaeshine-no Mikoto (Fifth Emperor); Tagishihiko-no Mikoto
  • Age of Death: 45 

[Fifth Emperor Kosho: ]

  • Name: Mimatsuhikokaeshine-no Mikoto
  • Empress: Yosotahobime-no Mikoto
  • Offsprings: Ameoshitarashihiko-no Mikoto; Ooyamato Tarashihiko Kunioshihito-no Mikoto (Sixth Emperor)
  • Age of Death: 93

[Sixth Emperor Koan:]

  • Name: Ooyamato Tarashihiko Kunioshihito-no Mikoto
  • Empress: Oshikahime-no Mikoto
  • Offsprings: Ookibi Morosusumi-no Mikoto; Ooyamato Nekohiko Futoni-no Mikoto (Seventh Emperor)
  • Age of Death: 123

[Seventh Emperor Korei:]

  • Name: Ooyamato Nekohiko Futoni-no Mikoto
  • Empress: Hosohime-no Mikoto; Kasuga-no Chichihayamawakahime; Ooyamato Kuniarehime-no Mikoto; Hae Irodo
  • Offsprings: Ooyamato Nekohiko Kunikuru-no Mikoto (Eighth Emperor); Chichihayahime-no Mikoto; Yamatotomomosobime-no Mikoto; Hikosashikatawake-no Mikoto; Hikosashikatawake-no Mikoto; Hikoisaseribiko-no Mikoto; Yamatotobihayawakayahime; Hikosamema-no Mikoto; Wakahiko Takekibitsuhiko-no Mikoto
  • Age of Death: 106

[Eighth Emperor Kogen:]

  • Name: Ooyamato Nekohiko Kunikuru-no Mikoto
  • Empress: Utsushikome-no Mikoto; Ikagashikome-no Mikoto; Haniyasubime
  • Offspring: Oobiko-no Mikoto; Sukunahiko Takeigokoro-no Mikoto; Wakayamato Nekohiko Oobibi-no Mikoto (Ninth Emperor); Hikofutsu Oshi-no Makoto-no Mikoto; Takehaniyasubiko-no Mikoto
  • Age of Death: 57

[Ninth Emperor Kaika:]

  • Name: Wakayamato Nekohiko Oobibi-no Mikoto
  • Empress: Taka-no Hime; Ikaga Shikome-no Mikoto; Oketsuhime-no Mikoto; Washihime
  • Offsprings: Hikoyumusumi-no Mikoto; Mimakiiribiko Inie-no Mikoto (Tenth Emperor); Mimatsuhime-no Mikoto; Hiko Imasu-no Miko; Taketoyo Hazurawake-no Miko
  • Age of Death: 63 

[Jingu Kogo:]


(*Jingu Kogo/Empress Jingu)

  • Name: Okinaga Tarashihime-no Mikoto
  • Husband: 14th Emperor Chuai (
  • Emperor Chuai was the first emperor who was not the child of the previous emperor. 
  • Son: 15th Emperor Ojin
  • Famous for “The Conquest of the Three Countries of Korea” She herself conquered Silla in Korea after her husband – Emperor Chuai – passed away in 200. She was in place of Emperor Chuai (201 – 269).

This is the end of “Kojiki”- Takeda Tsuneyasu’s version.

Kojiki consists of 3 volumes. The book by Takeda covers

all the first volume and one third of the 2nd volume.

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Japanese Cosmology from this book.

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