“Tada-yori Takai Mono-wa Nai”


(Saito Hitori’s Logo – Can you read it?)

 There is a super charismatic entrepreneur, who can lead people spiriturally, in Japan. His name is Saito (Last Name) Hitori (First Name). He is often called “Hitori-san.” Hitori-san is such a celebrity, but he never shows up in media. So, you will never know what he looks like until you attend his meeitn to listen to his speech. He is very good at keeping himself secret so he would never been bothered by media.

 Hitori-san doesn’t have a respectable educational background – He is a middle school graduate, unlike all other successful entrepreneurs. He can make people believe what he wants to say to them because he is directly connected with the God – Supreme Existance in the World or Universe! It’s going to be a long story. So , I don’t want to proceed it. But I will tell you what Hitori-san interpreted this expression, “Tada-yori Takai Mono-wa Nai.”

 By the way, this expression literally says, “Somethin free is most expensive.” Does it make sense? I don’t think so. Let me tell you all whre this expression came from.

 Usually this means that you shouldn’t expect to get anything for nothing. It is most often used in the situation where conartists give out something very inexpensive free (ex. a package of eggs – 10 eggs are in a package in Japan, NOT a dozen) when they try to sell something very expensive later.

  Con artists have someone in the community (There is a community house in Japan like the meeting rooms in churches in US) spread the word out, saying, “Very nice people will come and visit us (date) and give out a package of eggs! Really, just attend a meeting. That’s all you need!”


 Then, most people in the community go attend the meeting, expecting to receive a package of FREE eggs! After passing the package around, they typically start to talk about a set of Futon, for example, showing people how good for the health the Futon set is. It’s like Miracle! A couple of weeks after the day of delivery, your “diseases” will disapperar because of the power of the Futon set (!?). Of course, 80 % of the people (about 40 – 50 at one location) will go home with only a package of eggs in their hand. The “special” Futon set costs around a couple of thousand dollars. They don’t expect all of them will buy it.

 How about 20% of them? 15% will buy the peripherals, such as “special pillows with same power as the entire Futon set” or something else – Not expensive at all. They go home very contented with those accsessories, spending a couple of thousand yen ($20 – $50). They believe they will be appreciated by their family members because they purchased something very nice for them. All of their family will be happy and healthy!

 Now 5%? They will buy the very expensive (overpriced!!) Futon set – probably by installment. By the time they “are forced to” decide to make this purchase. They have receive a ton of “goodies” and “bonuses.” At this moment, because of those “attractive gifts,” they have been blinded. Those con artists don’t give them the time to think about it. Their job is just having them sign the paper so they can make an arrangement of shipping the Futon set to their addresses. Most frequently it takes them 2 – 3 hours to close this deal. They even have their new loyal customers spread a word out in the neighborhood and ask them for referrals. Later, those customers are to be heartbroken due to buyers’ remorse, which con artists don’t care! Deals done! The sales are final no matter what. They did great jobs for their own sake! Those who bought the Futon set whisper to themselves, “Tada-yori Takai Mono-wa Nai.” It’s all too late, though…

 This is what most Japanese believe the expression means. Hitori-san says, “I will show you guys what it really means.” Here is what Hitori-san explains:

 “Who pays for air or rain? Who pays for your body parts – ears, eyes, nose, hands, and so on…? What if someone asks you if you will be glad to sell him YOUR EYES for a million dollars? Are you going to? God gave all of them to you for nothing! Eyes, ears, and others – He didn’t charge you at all. As a matter of fact, however, those are priceless, aren’t they? God gave you lots of priceless things for nothing. This is what the expression – “Tada-yori Takai Mono-wa nai” really means! So true! “Something free is most expensive.”

 Now you remember – The literal translation of this expression is important, but there is another meaning, something very profound, in it. Even not very many Japanese know that. You are lucky just because you visited my website and read this blog. You know the truth NOW!!

 *By the way, Hitori-san values “freedom,” so he never shows up in media. He doesn’t like to be a celebrity, which he has already been for a long time!

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