“Watashi-wa Mansion-ni Sundeimasu(!?)”


(A Mansion)

 When in Japan or when you talk to your Japanese friend on the phone, you will often hear him say, “Watashi-wa Mansion-ni Sundeiru (= I live in a mansion).” You will be surprised if you find out where he actually lives. He means he lives in a condominium or even a rental apartment at best.


(A Condominium)

 I have no idea who started to call condos or apartments “mansions” or when, but there are very few Japanese who know the difference between condos and mansions in Japan. You will be confused when a single man in his early 20’s says, “I live in a mansion.” Believe me! He didn’t mean to lie to you at all, but he doesn’t know what it really means. In addition, Japanese “Mansions” of any kind are so small compared to condos in US. 

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(A Japanese Mansion)


(A Typical Floor Plan)

 Think about your 1 bed room apartment or 2. That is a correct picture of “Japanese Mansions.” Also, one household has only ONE BATHROOM! No matter how many rooms one condo or apartment may have, you’ll get ONLY ONE BATHROOM though Japanese bathrooms are separated into “Toilet” and “Furo (Bathtub + Washing Space).” So, you can go to the “Bathroom” when someone else occupies the “Toilet.” The Japanese tend not to take a bath twice a day unlike Americans (They take a shower, NOT a bath, though). They take a bath only once at night.

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(A Typical Japanese Apartment)