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Tuesday: Nihon-no Kotowaza

Sarumono-wa Owazu (Kitarumono-wa Kobamazu) (Mencius: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mencius)  “Sarumono-wa Owazu” means “I do not pursue those who go away.” This expression comes originally from Mencius. “Do not try to bring someone back to you when he wants to leave you.” Usually this comes with another expression which goes, “Kitarumono-wa Kobamazu,” which means “I never refuse those who come.” When they are used in a set, it means “It makes no difference to me whether they desert me or stand by me.” Let people do whatever they want to. It is said that this expression was the motto of Mencius when he taught students.  In Edo Period (1603 – 1868), Yoshida Shoin (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshida_Sh%C5%8Din) …

Monday: One Point Nihongo Clinic

Neko(k)kaburi/Kamatoto (faux-naïf) (“Puss in Boots” deceive his enemies with this innocent look!) (His regular look)  Let’s analyze those words:   “Neko,” as most of you may know, means “cats.” “kaburi (noun)” comes from “kaburu (verb),” which means “wear.” So, the expression, “Neko-wo Kaburu,” literally means “wearing a cat – ‘Puss in Boots’ kind of innocent looking cat.” Someone, especially women, wears a false mask to make her look innocent. When it turns into “Neko(k)kaburi (noun),” it simply means those who pretend to be what they are not. Double-faced.   (Neko(k)kaburi)  On the other hand, “Kamatoto” most likely means the women who pretend to be what they are not. This expression originates …

Friday: Kojiki (「乞食」ではなく『古事記』ですヨ!!) #29

Yatagarasu Protects Kamuyamato (Narikabura – Arrow which makes sound) (Commercial Narikabura sold at Shrines)  Kamuyamato reached Uda region in Nara, where siblings named Eukashi and Otoukashi waited for Kamuyamato to kill him. The Heavenly Child sent Yatagarasu to them before he got there to see if those brothers would serve Kamuyamato. Yatagarasu flew there and gave them Kamuyamato’s message.  Eukashi chased the messenger bird away with Narikabura. That is why the place where the arrow with sound fell is called “Kaburasaki.” Fortunately Yatagarasu was not killed by Narikabura.  Those rebelious brothers tried to hire as many soldiers as possible so they would be able to kill the Heavenly Child. Their …

Thursday: Japanese Food

A Day Trip to the Beach (Sazae-no Tsuboyaki) (How To Eat “Sazae-no Tsuboyaki”)  In Japan, students have summer vacation from schools late July through the end of August. During this summer time, families have a lot of obligations, including taking kids to the beach for swimming. Parents plan a one day trip to the beach beforehand.  On the very day, kids are so excited that they can’t sleep. Families usually go to popular beaches by train or by car. What kids are waiting for, in addition to swimming, is go to Umi-no Ie (The House of the Ocean), which is located on site (on the beach!?) so customers take a …

Wednesday: Nihon-no Manga

Apache Yakyugun (Comic Version : 1970 – 1972) (TV version: 1971 – 1972 / First Episode: https://youtu.be/DdWTavCMbjI)  The title means “Baseball Troop of Apache” – The Baseball Team whose players look like Apache (a Native American Tribe) Indians in US. As you see in the pictures above, all those are the players, none of whom wear baseball uniforms of any kind. They act like beasts. They play like beasts. Still, they are super talented in baseball!  The main character named Dojima Tsuyoshi used to be a genius baseball pitcher, who won a highschool baseball championship with a miraculous perfect game. In those days, there was no draft system in professional …

Tuesday: Nihon-no Kotowaza

Nasake-wa Hito-no Tamenarazu  (Kannon-sama)  It would not be too much to say that Jesus in Christianity is equivalent to Buddha in Buddhism while Maria is to Kannon Bosatsu (Goddess of Mercy). In Buddhism, Kannon embodies compassion, mercy, benevolence, kindness, and affection. So, people (especially women) who are compassionate, merciful, benevolent, kind, and affectionate are worshipped and admired in Japan. They are sometimes depicted as “Like Kannon-sama” by other Japanese.  It is easy to tell them to be compassionate, merciful, benevolent, kind and affectionate, but it is NOT easy at all to be actually like that all the time. That’s when the proverb on top was born so people are to be …

Monday: One Point Nihongo Clinic

Driver’s License (Very Trendy Driving School!?)  One of the biggest differences between US and Japan – Getting a driver’s license. You will see at least couple of “Driving Schools” like the one in the picture above in one town in Japan. Why? 95% of people go to driving schools in Japan! In addition, each driving school is BIG like the one above. Students learn how to drive (theory and actual driving skills) at driving schools. It’s a day school. You have to come and take required classes all day until you get a driver’s license. Usually it takes over 6 months for you to get a driver’s license (Since I was …

Saturday: ナバホインディアンのくにへ #16

1995ねん 2がつ 5か しんにゅうしゃにごようじん!!  たずねてきたウイルフォード(チャプターハウスではたらくちゅうねんのナバホだんせい)をうっかりいえにいれてしまったけっか、ながいされてこまった。つごうのわるいことに、かれは、かなりよっぱらってくだをまいた。  しゅうまつに、ひとりでいえのばんをするのは、しょうじきいってこわい。なにしろ、ほりゅうちでは、「おとこたちはほんとうにおんなにうえている」から。ちょしゃがいくさきざきで、おとこたちからこえをかけられるのは、これがげんいんだ。 

Friday: Kojiki (「乞食」ではなく『古事記』ですヨ!!) #28

Guided by Yatagarasu (Yata Crow)  (Emperor Jimmu and Yatagarasu/Yata Crow)  (Yatagarasu/Yata Crow)  The sacred sword, Saji Futsu-no Kami (Mika Futsu-no Kami/Futsu-no Mitama), which was dedicated to him, saved Kamuyamato Iwarebiko’s life. Now Takagi-no Ookami (Takami Musuhi-no Kami) , because of this very incident, made a special suggestion to him.   “From now on you cannot proceed by yourself because there seem to be very many indigenous gods who are rebellious to you. I will send Yatagarasu to you. The crow will guide you so you can proceed safely.”  The Heavenly Child followed Takagi-no Ookami’s suggestion. Following Yatagarasu, he arrived at the downstream of Yoshino River, where he found the person fishing with …

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