Ebi Furai (Fried Prawn/Shrimp)

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 (Ebi Furai)

 Like Tonkatsu, Ebi Furai is deepfied. “Ebi” means “shrimp or prawn” while “Furai” “deepfried.” The recipe is very similar to Tonkatsu. You need a couple of things before you cook it on your own. Still, you can cook or dine out. Since shrimps or prawns costs a lot, Ebi Furai is comparatively expensive. Again, please note “Tempura” and “Katsu” are different from each other. Tempura uses “Tempura Powder” while “Katsu” or “OOO Furai” “Panko (Bread Crumbs).” See the difference in texture?


(Ebi Furai/Fried Shrimp or Prawn)


(Tempura Teishoku)

 Ebi Furai (Fried Shrimp/Prawn) is as popular as Ebi-no Tempura (refer the picture above). I know Japanese Restaurants in US serve Shrimp Tempura (Ebi-no Tempura), but I don’t know about “Deepfried Prawn/Shrimp.” Also, you can purchase a bento box (a lunch box) with Ebi Furai easily in Japan. Or Japanese mothers can put a couple of pieces into their kids’ lunch box.

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(Home Made Lunch Box)

 Or, you can get several pieces at some specialty store, too!

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(They sell them by piece.)