Atsusa Samusa-mo Higan-made


(Happens on March 20th and September 22nd)


 Atsusa: Heat

 Samusa: Cold

 Higan: Equinox (Vernal and Autumnal)


 No heat or cold lasts over the equinox.


 The Japanese appreciated and embraced the transitions of seasons by saying the expression above, instead of complaining about unexpectedly long-lasting cold (Spring) or heat (Autumn). Since time immemorial, they have had full of wit.

  It is reported in Japan that Japanese Emperor Akihito has not been using air conditioners in his loyal palace in Tokyo, Japan. Emperor Akihito seems to concerve energy and also to have a wish to embrace the lasting heat with the entire nation this summer. He is so altruistic! He always think about his people rather than himself. That is why he is exceptionally admired by the entire nation.