Noo Aru Taka-wa Tsume-wo Kakusu

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 In Japan, hawks or falcons have been admired and respected because of their beauty and cleverness. When a hawk is used as an example of something, that something is always “GOOD.” No exception.

 Still, in this proverb, there are some good ones while others NOT. Those good ones with “brain (No)” tend now to show their strong points like a hawk’s sharp knife-like nails. If they show them to others, especially to their preys, they are ending up in starvation. So, they show up quietly and don’t show their “arms.” 


 No: brain

 Taka: hawks or falcons

 Tsume: nails

 Kakusu: hide


 A talented person knows to be modest [does not try to show off]./ Still [Smooth] waters run deep.

 [Nutshell] Don’t show off – Nobody likes you to show off!!

 [Comment] Showing off is the last thing you should do in Japan! You would be abhorred…