Delivery of Toyotamabime


(Tamayoribime – Toyotamabime’s sister)

 Although Toyotamabime (Yahiro Wani) was angry with Hoori, she still loved and missed him. Her sister called Tamayoshibime was in charge of raising her child (Ukayafukiaezu-no Mikoto – Father of the First Emperor, Jimmu), so Toyotamabime asked her sister to do her favor – Giving Hoori-no Mikoto a poem to praise him and tell him she still loved him and missed him so much.

 Hoori, on the other hand, still loved her and missed her too, so he wrote a poem back to her, saying, “I will never forget about you, dear.”

 By the way, Hoori-no Mikoto lived in Takachiho for another 580 years. His tomb historically called Goryo or Kofun is located on the western side of the mountains in Takachiho.


 Later on, Ukayafukiaezu-no Mikoto married Tamayoribime, his aunt and nannie, and she gave birth to Itsuse-no Mikoto, Inahi-no Mikoto, Mikenu-no Mikoto, and Wakamikenu-no Mikoto (Toyomikenu-no Mikoto or Kamuyamatoiwarebiko-no Mikoto*).

 Mikenu-no Mikoto left for the Tokoyo (Everlasting Land) by going over the waves while Inahi-no Mikoto went back to the World his mother belonged to.

 The last one – Kamuyamatoiwarebiko-no Mikoto – will become the first Emperor, Jimmu.

 Now we will begin the journey to the world of Emperor Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan! 



(Emperor Jimmu)