Gi-wo Mite Sezaru-wa Yuunaki Nari (義を見てせざるは勇なきなり)


(The Proverb Written by A Professional Calligrapher)


 Gi (義・ぎ): what is ethically right

 Mite (見て・みて) > Miru (見る・みる): look; watch

 Sezaru (せざる): do not do 

 Yuu (勇・ゆう): courage

 Naki (無き・なき) > Nashi (無し・なし): lack

 Nari (なり): affirmative ending


 To see what is right and not to do it is a want of courage./ Knowing what is right without practicing it betrays one’s cowardice.


 In traditional Japanese society, “Gi” is one of the virtues of decent human beings. Accordingly, you were regarded as a coward (big shame!) if you didn’t stood up for what you believed was ethically right.

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