Shima Kosaku Series (しまこうさくしりーず)



 This comic was written by Hirokane Kenshi (ひろかねけんし) and its whole series ran from 1983-1992 in Gekkan Morning (げっかんモーニング). Hirokane used to work for Panasonic and what was going on in Panasonic was depicted in this comic/anime through Hirokane’s eyes. This is NOT for young kids, but for adults – especially “business men” called “Salary Man (さらりーまん)” in Japanese.

 Since Hirokane showed Panasonic or any corporate giants’ culture in detail and how Shima Kosaku got promoted from Section Chief to the Company President successfully, most Japanese business men fell in love with this comic. Accordingly, the movie versions came out as well as TV shows. They were both quite successful.

 *Kacho Kosaku Shima: