I will start video blogs, which are dedicated to homeschoolers and students, who are anxious to get in Japanese colleges in order to get degrees over there and who want to land on their dream jobs with their Japanese skills.

Each blog covers ‘Grammar,’ ‘Listening,’ and ‘Reading,’ so it will help you to get satisfactory results in most required tests to reach your goals. “AP JAPANESE PRACTICE TESTS” is sometimes used because they are easily available online or any physical stores like Barnes & Noble (new or used).



On the other hand, especially in my video blogs, I will use test prep books for *JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test), which come with 5 volumes according to their skill levels (N1-N5). N5 is most forgiving while N1 most challenging. They are available on Amazon.com, but they come from Japan. So, purchase is not required unless you are really interested.


The reasons I use JLPT test prep books:

  1. College Board (The administrator for SAT and other official tests) doesn’t offer enough amount of SAT prep books dedicated only to Japanese Subject Test, which includes “Listening.”
  2. JLPT, especially N3 and up, is very suitable for students who take SAT Japanese Subject Test, which covers all areas tested in SAT Japanese Subject Test.
  3. JLPT is accepted by most Japanese colleges to prove your Japanese proficiency. When you directly apply for one Japanese college or two, studying with them will work for your advantage. 

Blog schedules are:

  • Monday: N5 to warm you up!
  • Tuesday: N4 to get you acclimated! 
  • Wednesday: N3 to get you excited!
  • Thursday: N2 to get you more serious!
  • Friday: N1 to let you feel your accomplishment!

I will record each blog less than 6 minutes (most likely 5 minutes). I will get straight to the point so you won’t get bored!

All right? Let’s get started TODAY! Question? Contact me through email. 

*Request FREE PDF about your successful admission to Japanese college (“Welcome to JapaneseExperts.net – Test Prep Site for Homeschoolers!!” @ https://japaneseexperts.net/.