Chanko Nabe



(Chanko Nabe: Watch this interesting video!

 Chanko Nabe used to be exclusively for Sumo ( Wrestlers in Japan so they can gain weight as soon as they can. They say Sumo Wrestlers eat only twice – huge meals! They get up and start their harsh training without eating breakfast. After training, they are exhausted and starved to death. At this time, they devour Chanko Nabe! After they became totally full (120%!?), they take a nap. They repeat this every single day so they can put on weight drastically. Chanko Nabe is very nutritious, which helped it to be popular among the general public.


(Younger Sumo Apprentices Cooks Chanko Nabe)


(One Day the Thin Guy Above Will Be Big Enough to Be a Yokozuna)


(Busy Cooking)


(Older and/or Higher Ranked Apprentices Get Food First)


(So they can fight like this)


(In Here!)

 However, nowadays the general public can enjoy Chanko Nabe very easily because lots of restaurants, which were mostly owned by retired Sumo wrestlers, carry this menu! This is for the general public!


 (Restaurant Menu #1)


 (Restaurant Menu #2)


(At the Event for the Public)

 Why don’t you try next time you visit Japan? Don’t worry! You are not going to gain weight unless you take a nap right after you eat!



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