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 Today we focus on “Aida/Aida (ni),” which tells you which occurs first or what you did while you are doing XXX, for example. Let’s take a look at those example sentences!

 I. Noun + no aida/aida ni

    Gakusei-no aida ni takusan ryokoo-wo suru tsumorida. (= I will travel a lot while I am a student.)

 II. I-adjective + aida/aida ni

    Sakana-ga atarashii aida ni shushi-wo tsukurimashoo. (= Let’s make sushi while the fish is fresh.)

 III. Na-adjective + aida/aida ni

    Shigato-ga taihenna aida wa, terebi-wa miraremasen. (= I cannot watch TV while I am busy with work.)

 According to Japanese Grammar (Keiko Uesawa Chevray and Tomiko Kuwahira, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2011), “Aida” is an independent noun which means “between” in English. When “aida” follows a phrase or a sentence, it indicates “during the time when -” or “while -.” When the subject in the clause of “aida” is different from the one in the main clause, it is marked by “ga”). The event or action of the main clause takes place throughout the span of time described in the “aida” phrase or clause. On the other hand, the event or action stated in the main clause takes place at a certain point during the time described in the “aida ni” phrase or clause.

 How about “Verb + aida/aida ni” pattern?

 IV. Verb + aida/aida ni

 Once again, according to Uesawa and Kuwahira’s book mentioned above, when the verb in the “aida (ni)” clause indicates an action, it is always stated in the form of ” – te iru” whether it refers to the past or non-past event.

    Basu-wo matte iru aida ni shinbun-wo kaimashita. (= I bought a newspaper while I was waiting for the bus.) 




 As always, don’t hesitate to ask me if you have questions! Try to make 10 sentences with “Aida/Aida ni” every single day, and you will get a knack of it!

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