Maguma Taishi/Ambassador Magma



(Record Cover Jacket:


(Original Manga)

 It was not until ‘Maguma Taishi’ was televised that I noticed the existence of its manga, which was started in the magazine called Shonen Gaho (= Picture Magazine for Boys) in 1966. The author of this manga is, once again, Tezuka Osamu ( In 60’s, Tezuka was such a busy man that he used a ghost writer for the last chapters of Maguma Taishi in the magazine, which part didn’t turn out to be comics because he didn’t want the publisher to use his name as an author when he didn’t actually get involved in the production. 

 TV version of Maguma Taishi was tons of fun! It ran from 1966 through 1967 (52 episodes in total). The opening song ( always started after this interesting narration ( The boy called Mamoru, who is blowing the whistle in the narration turned to be a popular singer later.


(Egi Toshio in Maguma Taishi)

img_2 (1)

(Right in the Middle)

  Maguma Taishi is one of the successful Tokusatsu ( dramas in those days. Without the help of computer graphics, all 52 episodes of Maguma Taishi, like those of Kosoku Espaa, were created and they enjoyed their high popularity. Special effects were rudimentary and the plot itself was not really plausible, but kids, including me, had tremendous amount of fun!


(The Villain named GOA)


(His Spaceship)

 As you heard (hopefully!) in its opening narration, Goa says that he came to the Earth to subjugate it. To pursue his purpose, Goa created lots of Kaiju Monsters. He thought his mission was easy for him to accomplish. However, wherever there is a villain, there is a super hero – that is Maguma Taishi. He was created by the God named AASU (= Earth in Japanese pronunciation) to fight back with Goa.


(His looks is amazingly similar to humans!)


(Maguma Taishi has his family! On the right, that is God named ‘AASU.’)

 Every time Goa shows up to attack the Earth, Mamoru whistles to ask Maguma Taishi to come and help humans, which request is always fulfilled. Maguma Taishi’s family are supposed to be robots, but they don’t look like so. His son named ‘Gamu (= Chewing Gum: This TV show was sponsored by the snack manufacturer called ‘Lotte,’ which is famous for their chewing gum!) looks exactly like Mamoru. And Mamoru and Gamu became best friends.

img_1 (1)

(Solid Friendship)

 After winning in 52 battles with Kaiju Monster, Maguma Taishi brings peace back to the Earth. Very happy ending. Again, no sex or no violence. Good old days right there! The Japanese kids in those days were innocent. Nowadays, they are not happy with the dramas of this kind. Sad….

img_0 (1)

(Egi Toshio in the cover of the magazine! He was innocent, too!)

It is always nice to know

the Japanese had good old days!

In those days,

they had numerous cultural virtues, 

most of which became extinct.

While I am around in this planet,

I can tell you about all those good days in Japan!

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