Yose Nabe




 Yosenabe is one of those ‘Nabemono’ cuisines in Japan and especially popular in winter. ‘Yose’ comes from ‘Yoseru (= Collect)’ – that is, you put anything you want in the pot (= ‘Nabe’).

 That is why ingredients for Yosenabe really vary – seafood, vegetables, meat, mushrooms, and tofu-related products. The soup is made with shredded bonitos, seaweed, and so on, which is seasoned with miso (= bean paste), soy sauce, sake (= rice wine), and salt. Take a look at these varieties of Yosenabe!








 All family sit down around the dining table and enjoy ‘Nabe’ while it is being cooked. When popular ingredients are running out, housewives are supposed to add from the stock of ingredients prepared on the big plate placed next to the portable cooking grills or burners on the table. ‘Nabemono’ have been helped family members to solidify their relationships.

Nabemono’ is one aspect of Japanese culture.

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