Tokoro Kawareba Shina Kawaru

(Each country has its own customs./So many countries, so many customs.)


(Sukiyaki Kansai-Style)


(Sukiyaki Kanto-Style)

 Customs are different from one another, depending on the locations. Look at those pictures above! I have introduced Sukiyaki to you before in this blog. Ingredients are different and how to cook/season/serve the dish is different between Kansai and Kanto. I am from Kansai area, so I am used to the picture on top.


<“Illustration Phragmites australis0”. Licensed under パブリック・ドメイン via ウィキメディア・コモンズ –>

 The plant in the picture above is called “Ashi,” “Yoshi,” or “Kita Yoshi” in Osaka area ( while the same kind of plant is called “Hama Hagi” in Ise area ( Depend on the location, the same thing can have different names.

 You know that there are lots of names or expressions which have same meaning with different words, don’t you? Japan is such a small country ( compared to US. Still, there are so many customs from one region to another. It is very interesting!


  •  Tokoro: Locations
  •  Kawareba: Kawaru (Change) + -eba (if)
  •  Shina: Items

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