Mahotsukai Sarii/Sally the Witch




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 According to Yokoyama Mitsuteru (, who drew this very poplular manga in 1966, the American sitcom, Bewitched (, inspired him to create this manga.

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(Japanese Version Opening Naration:

 “Bewitched (= Okusama-wa Majo)” became so popular in late ’60s and early ’70 in Japan, as well as in US. The settings in both TV shows were different from each other, “Sally the Witch (= Mahotsukai Sarii)” in anime enjoyed its popularity whether it was in black and white or in color. In “Bewitched,” the main character, a housewife (Samantha), was so cute and attractive while Sarii (= Sally) in “Mahotsukai Sarii” was a 5th grader, who was again so cute and compassionate as if she had been an adult. Of course, Sarii was a girl, so she made a lots of mistakes, but basically it looked like she could handle her life anytime soon. 

 The comical factors were added to “Mahotsukai Sarii” by the characters called “Yoshiko” and her triplets brothers.


(Yoshiko in the middle)


(Combining those three names turns into the meaning of “Absurdity.”)

 Peculiar voice was used to play a role of Yoshiko, made all Japanese girls laugh. Later on, Yoshiko’s voice was copied by many manzaishi (= Professionals of Manzai:


(Female Manzaishi like above used to use Yoshiko’s voice)

 With the help of her best friends including Yoshiko, Sally’s adventures lasted for 2 years (1966 – 1968/109 episodes). When most of the new TV shows didn’t last more than 3 months, this show did a great job indeed! 

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