Makanu Tane-wa Haenu

(Nothing comes of nothing./No pains, no gains./

No mill, no meal./One must sow before one can reap.)


(Does this happen without sawing the seeds?)

 Og Mandino says, “Act or ye will be acted upon.” You must realize that plans are only dreams without action. “The world will always determing your worth by the deeds you do. Who can measure your talents by the thoughts you have or the emotions you feel? “

 Do you happen to know the person who always talks about his “fantastic plans” or “great ideas” for hours, which makes you bored? In a year or so, did he ever take actions and implement his “fantastic plans” or “great ideas” any way? Is that familiar? Let your action speak!


“No one will act for you. 

Your plans will remain no more than an idler’s dream

until you rise up and fight against the forces

that would keep ye small.”

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