Shingeki-no Kyojin/Attack on Titan


(Original Comic Version)

 I didn’t know about this manga for a long time. In my facebook page, however, some of my friends started to mention it quite often, which drew my attention. I, partly because of my obligation that I have to know what my students/clients expect me to know, went to and watched its first episode… How negative! How gross! That was my first impression on this TV episode. What’s the point? Are the Japanese getting mentally sick? Probably so, unfortunately.

 This manga was started to appear in Shonen Magazine (Magazine for Young Boys) in 2009 and it spreaded out as TV series (still going!), movies, theatrical productions, computer games, and so on as it has gained so much popularity among the Japanese and people all over the world. You might be among fans of this piece. And… “Shocking News” is that my younger son (11 years old) wants to wear the cloak of the scouts on Halloween!!!???


(Yes, I ordered this green cloak on eBay!)

 My son says that it (a green cloak) is very practical because he can wear it as a regular cloak after Halloween! He’s got a point. OK. You wear it in winter though I don’t think he can do that in snow…


(Do their facial expressions give children a dream?)

 I am not a sociologist (I have a Master’s degree in anthropology), but I cannot help but worry about the Japanese social trends like this manga – Shingeki-no Kyojin ( When I was a kid, there were no manga in which humans were so vulnerable that their lives were at the mercy of cruel Giants, which showed up and devoured as many humans as possible! Those humans live in fear – absolute fear. Can you imagine the situation where you have to spend your day in total fear? Is it a kind of commercial promoted by insurance companies, which sell insurance policy by exaggerating the possibility of your or your loved one’s death? Then, I understand (I myself used to sell life insurance, but not that way!!) very well. This is so sick!


(Is it nice to watch this thing during your family time?)

 I don’t criticize people or things as long as it’s none of my business. But I am wondering if there was nobody that had enough conscience to say that this is wrong! Human beings are not supposed to end their lives by being devoured by merciless giants. When thinking about their future, they are told that they have no future, just waiting for the time to be killed by uncontrollable monsters? Kids don’t deserve that.

 If kids take this crap as a joke and laugh about it, they are screwed. Truly, they won’t have a bright future for sure! My strong belief, as a Japanese woman, is that adults should keep showing kids dreams and bright future, only which makes it possible for kids to work hard to make their dreams come true. Who strive hard to do that when the death is around the corner?

 I want to believe also that a lot of conscientious Japanese people have been trying hard to tell kids to ignore this horror BS since its release. They don’t need it.

 I don’t like this, but I have an obligation to tell Japanese learners, like you, that this POS doesn’t exemplify the nature of the Japanese people. I assure you that this is NOT “Japanese.” Otherwise, it would not be worth you learning Japanese after all.

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