Abalone (Awabi)

Abalone Sashimi

(Abalone Sashimi)

 Abalones (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haliotis) are expensive! So, the Japanese don’t have them often in Japan. Occasional Food – that is what abalones are. Usually, abalones are served in a set menu along with other seafoods or meat. Here are some examples of those:

Abalone along with other Seafood

Abalone Cuisine with others 

Abalone Sashimi and other sashimi

Abalone with other course cuisine

Abalone with other seafood 2

Abalone with other Seafood


Variety of Abalone Cuisine

(Did you spot abalones?)

 Personally, I love simple sashimi of abalones. Fresh abalones with freshly prepared wasabi (horseradish) – BLISS!

 However, people tend to get bored of one particular food, even abalones, pretty quickly, right? So, chefs of all kinds of cuisines have to come up with a new idea of cooking abalones like below:

Abalone Steak

(Abalone Steak)

Chinese Dried Abalone

(Chinese Dried Abalone Cuisine)


(Abalone in French Style)

Abalone Sushi

(Abalone Sushi)

 Yap – I appreciate all those including “abalone sushi,” but I love abalone sashimi best!! If you live in California or New York, where you find authentic Japanese restaurants, order abalone sashimi. One piece of abalone will cost you probably … $20 – $50 (if it’s really fresh). But it is worth it. If you don’t appreciate that very one piece, don’t call yourself “a Japanese connoisseur.”

Abalone Cuisine 


(This is among foods that make me miss Japan!)

 Order “abalone sashimi” in Japan?

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