Rupan Sansei (Lupin the Third)


(TV Version:

 The comic version of “Lupin III” started in “Weekly Manga Action (weekly manga magazine)” in 1967. The name of the author is “Monkey Punch (Of course, it’s a pen name!).” In a word, Lupin III is a tremendously humorous version of James Bond (007). Only difference is that Lupin III (He claims that he is the grandson of “Arsene Lupin” featured in a popular French mystery written by Maurice Leblanc!)  is a master thief while 007 is a hard-boiled spy (a secret service agent). Its TV version started in 1971 (over 40 years ago!), which has been still running with several intermissions (


 (Comics Version) 


 All living things in this world need balance with Yin and Yang ( In Manga or Anime world, that holds true. World history has seen a lot of cool heroes, some of whom are nihilistic enough not to smile. Again, we, human beings, need balance. It is not fun at all if we keep seeing those types alone. Here comes “Lupin III.” This is a total slapstick. Lupin III is cool, but hilarious. You will never get tired of watching his show – TV version or Theatrical version. Whoever it may be that plays a role of Lupin III, the plot always works. This is why this show has dozens of franchise and maintains its popularity for over 40 years!


(Latest Theatrical Version: