Itsuse-no Mikoto Killed in the Battle <2>

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 (Tachi or Sword)

 Thus, Kamuyamato, who recovered from illness, asked Takakuraji how he had gotten hold of the Tachi. Takakuraji said, “I had a strange dream. Amaterasu Oomikami and Takagi-no Kami (Takamimusuhi-no Kami) summoned Takemikazuchi-no Kami to order him to go to Ashihara-no Nakatsukuni (the Earthly World), where it seemed like a chaos and their children had hard time assuming their missions, so the Earthly World would come back to order. According to both Heavenly Gods, it was Takemikazuchi that led the Ashihara-no Nakatsukuni to a peaceful place for their offsprings to live and flourish. 

 Takemikazuchi said, answering to the Heavenly Gods, that he wouldn’t have to go down there to carry out his mission because he had the Tachi (Sword), with which he pacified the place. He suggested that they simply drop it through the hole on Takakuraji’s storage roof.

 Takemikazuchi told Takakuraji in his dream to take responsibility to offer the sword to Kamuyamato when he got up in the morning. That’s what Takakuraji did. Surprisingly to him, he found the sword in his storage! 

 By the way, this special sword is called “Saji Futsu-no Kami,” “Mika Futsu-no Kami,” or “Futsu-no Mitama.” It has been stored in Iso-no Kami-no Kaminomiya (Isonokami Jingu in Tenri, Nara, Japan).

 The battle of Kamuyamato against his enemies is about to come to end…

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 (Isonokami Jingu)