How To Say the DATE


 From 1 through 10 there are specific ways to count; so are there with “dates.”

 Tamaki: “Kyo-wa Nannichi desuka.” [“What is today?”]

 Joshua: “Kyo-wa 2 Gatsu Tsuitachi desu.” [Today is February 1st.]

 The first day –> Tsuitachi; The second day –> Futsuka; The third day –> Mikka; The Fourth day –> Yokka; The fifth day –> Itsuka; The sixth day –> Muika; The seventh day –> Nanoka/Nanuka; The eighth day –> Yooka; The ninth day –> Kokonoka; The tenth day –> Tooka. Then, you count “Regular Number + -nichi.” Except the 20th day and 24th day –> Hatsuka and Nijuuyokka.

 ex. “Nijuugonichi-ga Kyuuryoobi desuga, kongetsu-wa Nijuuyokka-ni Furikomi-ga arimasu.” [“The 25th of each month is a paycheck day (Most Japanese are paid monthly), but it will be deposited in our bank on 24th (because 25th falls on a holiday?) this month.”] 



 [Comment] In the calendar above, there is “????” on April 29th. It used to be the birthday of Emperor Showa. But after he passed away, it turned into another holiday called “Midori-no Hi (Greenery Day – Because Emperor Showa had a green thumb).”