(Ikura Donburi/ Ikuradon)


(Ikura Donburi/Ikuradon)


(Uni Ikura Donburi/ Uni Ikuradon)

 If you love sushi and go a sushi bar so often, you know how expensive ($$$$$) “Uni (Sea Urchin)” and “Ikura (salmon roe)” are! Usually you see “JIKA (Seasonal Price)” in menu at sushi bars in Japan. You have to be prepare to pay a small fortune if you order “Uni” or “Ikura.” There is another expensive menu at Japanese sushi bars called “Kazunoko (herring roe),” but I have never seen “Kazunoko Don(buri)” before. Definitely each one of them is a delicacy!!

 The rice in the bowl is NOT vinegared unlike sushi (“Sushi” originally means “Su (Vinegar) shi (govern)”). In other words, it is no longer “donburi” once the rice used is vinegared.