Oyako Don(buri)


(Oyako Donburi)

 This is the sequel menu of another kind of “Donburi.” OK. Now you know this is a rice bowl with something over the rice, don’t you? Yes, “Oyako” is over the rice. What, in the world, does “Oyako” mean? It means “parent” and “child” – chicken (parent) and eggs (child). Of course, not just that “oyako” is over the rice, but all other ingredients are along with “oyako.” 


 (Basic Ingredients for Oyako Donburi)

 As stated in a column of “Unadon/Unagi Donburi,” chicken and eggs are boiled with other vegitables in special sauce and served with condiments different from those coming with Unadon/Unagi Donburi. Look at some other examples!





  The Japanese cook and serve Oyako Don(buri) all year around! One of their favorite menus for dinner.