Tensai Bakabon (天才バカボン)



 This is the most nonsense manga (まんが)/cartoon in the world! “Tensai Bakabon (てんさいバカボン)” appeared in one of the most popular boys’ magazines in 1967. A TV show called “Tensai Bazkabon” started in 1971 and lasted for such a long time, including reruns, that the boys who watched those episodes grew up to watch a new series of “Tensai Bakabon” with his sons. Girls, who tend to be maturer and more rational than boys, didn’t like this original manga or TV show very much.  





 This manga is all about one special family of four – Bakabon (an older son of this family), Hajime (a genius baby), Mama (beautiful house wife – Nobody understands why she got married to Bakabon’s Papa), and Bakabon’s Papa (a main character of this manga). And, the picture above shows you what each one of their brains contains.

 Every day life of this family, which is totally abnormal to us (decent human beings), goes by very smoothly, which is unthinkable to us. For Bakabon’s Papa, every one of the incidents around him looks completely normal and fine. Even when the policeman keeps shooting in the air all the time for no particular reason, Bakabon’s Papa feels there is nothing wrong with him. He always says, “This is fine. Totally fine.”

 Because of this absurdity, this ridiculous manga and TV show became a hit. Only guys understand!