Omurice (オムライス)

Omulet + Rice (Fried Rice with Ketchup)


 Like other popular dishes among Japanese kids such as Curry and Udon/Rice, this item called Omurice (Omlet + Rice with Ketchup) is one of Japanese kids’ most favorite dinner menus! Simply enough, rice, chicken, onion, and couple of more ingredients are fried in a frying pan with Ketchup, which is wrapped with a thinly fried eggs.

 Other than traditional style of this kind, you will see a lot of variations nowadays!





 I cooked this prototype, and failed…. My kids didn’t like the idea of eating fried rice with ketchup….

2013-12-05 13.22.31



(The Omurice)



 To American kids, it was too much for them to eat the combination of rice and ketchup though they are happy with that of french fries and ketchup. Oh, why…?! “Ketchup Rice” didn’t seem to appeal to kids’ appetite. What a shame!

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