“Ko (こ),” “So (そ),” “A (あ),” “Do (ど)” #2

Special uses of “So (「そう」)”

getting cancer diagnosis_20420305

(Diagnosis of Cancer)

 For the last couple of months, you’ve never felt well. You don’t think you enjoy your life. You think you are smiling, but nobody can tell you are. You have also noticed there are some unusal symptoms in your system. You have no idea what is going on. 

 Your spouse finally suggested you go see your doctor, which you did. Your doctor recommended that you would go through a complete check up and following painful examinations. 

 One morning, you got a phone call from your doctor’s office and her office rep told you to come in to talk to your doctor. Now you are in her office…

 You: “What is this appointment for? Do you have the results from all my examinations?”

 Doc: “Yes. The results tell me that you have a second stage ovarian cancer.”

 You: “…?”

 Doc: “It also looks like it is spreading out into your uterus. That explains your abnormal pain in your lower abdomen and unusual bleeding.”

 You: “… I see.”

 Doc: “There is hope for you as long as we start your intensive treatment right away. You are admitted to ABC Hospital next door. Call your husband to pack your stuff up and bring it in….”

 Sounds familiar? Sorry this should; otherwise you won’t understand this expression – “Soo desuka (「そうですか」) [with a falling intonation at the end].”

 *Be careful! With a rising intonation at the end it means – “Really?” or “Is that true?”