Takemikazuchi (たけみかづち) Made It Happen



  Takemikazuchi (たけみかづち) and Amenotorifune (あめのとりふね), who were sent from Takamagahara (たかまがはら), said to Okuninushi (おおくにぬし), “Your son, Kotoshironushi (ことしろぬし), swore he would never defy Takamagahara. Is there anyone that might go against Takamagahara’s decision?” 

 Okuninushi humbly said to both gods from Takamagahara, “I have another son called Takeminakatano Kami (たけみなかたのかみ). That is the only one that might protest to the Heavenly gods.”  

 While his father was talking to the messengers from Takamagahara about him, Takeminakata came back with a huge rock, which could be pulled by a thousand people, juggled by his hands. Takeminakata said triumphantly, “Who is timidly whispering when visiting my country? Let’s have a match! I will attack first!”  

 Takemikazuchi let Takeminakata take his hand. Takemikazuchi’s hand quickly turned into an icicle, which was about to attack Takeminakata. Ookuninushi’s son was terrified and backed off.

 Now Takemikazuchi reached for Takeminakata’s hand, crushed it as if it had been a young ditch reed, and immediately threw Takeminakata far away.

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 Takeminakata ran away because Takemikazuchi was about to kill him. Takemikazuchi didn’t let him go. He cornered the poor Takeminakata to the Lake Suwa (すわ) in Nagano (ながの).

 When the messenger was about to put Okuninushi’s son’s life to end, Takeminakata begged for his life, saying, “I will stay here and never go back home. I will never go against my father’s order. I will listen to Yaekotoshironushi (やえことしろぬし), my brother. I totally understand that this Earthly World will be ruled by the Heavenly World from now on.”

 Two messenger gods came back to Izumo (いずも) – Ashiharano Nakatsukuni (あしはらのなかつくに) to ask Ookuninushi this time to see if he had any intention to honor the Heavenly Gods’ decision. Ookuninushi answered to those messengers, “I totally agree with my two sons. I declare Ashiharano Nakatsukuni is now ruled by Takamagahara. I do have a humble request now, however. Allow me to live in a gorgeous shirine, whose building looks like the ruler’s palace, and to be enshrined there. If I am allowed to do so, I will hide myself unknown in Izumo and never be in charge of this country. Yaekotoshironushi will take charge of other 180 sons of mine. Those Earthly Gods will never go against Takamagahara.”

 As promised, Ookuninushi built his magnificient palace clost to the coastline and had Kushiya Tamano Kami (くしやたまのかみ) , who is a granddaughter of Minatono Kami (みなとのかみ), cook for the Heavenly Gods.

 While cooking, Kushiya Tamano Kami celebrated the food she cooked for those gods from Takamagahara. She transformed herself into a cormorant and dove into the sea. She scooped red earth on the bottom of the sea and brought it back, from which she made a lot of dishes in which she made fire.

 “The fire I made will not die forever. I will use that very strong fire to humbly cook tons of sea basses for you.”

 Satisfied messengers went back to Takamagahara and reported how their mission was accomplished to the Heavenly Gods. This is, what is called, the episode of “Izumono Kuni Yuzuri (いずものくにゆずり)” – the Earthly Gods’ Submission to the Heavenly Gods.