Inakappe Taisho (いなかっぺたいしょう)






 This is another Judo animation aired on TV 1970 through 1972. “Inakappe” means “anybody from a rural country in Japan.” Tokyoites and all other city dwellers used this term as the derogatory. “Taisho” literally means “the head of a group, an organization, or a family,” but in this context, as “Inakappe,” it is used to make fun of the main character – a boy named Daizaemon.   

 The plot from Wikimedia goes: A lively boy named Daizaemon in traditional Japanese clothing comes with various kinds of animals to the capital of Tokyo. He has a funny habit of dancing whenever he hears music. He visits a friend of his late father’s to learn judo and makes friends with the young daughter of the judo master Kikuko and the cat Nyanko. For a little girl, Kikuko has wonderful judo tricks inherited from her father while Nyanko is able to perform a difficult trick of triple turn in the air. Both of them are worthy instructors for Daizaemon. Although he shows clownish behavior once in a while, he is always popular among people around and grows stout and shrewd to be a future champion.

 Back in hometown, Daizaemon has a girl friend named Hanako while he is attracted to the daughter of Judo teacher called Kikuko. He has a lot of embarassing scenes regarding this “conflicting love.”

 Also, one day Daizaemon met a cat, which was very versed in Judo techniques, and he asked the cat to teach him Judo by calling the cat Nyanko Sensei. Nyanko Sensei accepted Daizaemon as his disciple. This process was depicted so seriously, which made young audience laugh so hard! Later on, Nyanko Sensei contributed tremendously to Daizaemon’s training in Judo. That was very hilarious!

 Kids loved this show very much!