Takemikazuchino Okami (たけみかづちのおのかみ)


earthquake talisman

  So far, three gods from Takamagahara (たかまがはら), the Heavenly World, were dispatched to Ashiharano Nakatsu Kuni (あしはらのなかつくに), the Earthly World, but only in vain. Amaterasu Oomikami (あまてらすおおみかみ) was wondering who would be the next to accomplish their mission.

 Omoikaneno Kami (おもいかねのかみ) and other gods suggested to Amaterasu that she send Itsuno Ohabarino Kami (いつのおはばりのかみ), who lives in a holy cave upstream of Ameno Yasuno Kawa (あめのやすのかわ). They also said that Takemikazuchino Onokami (たけみかづちのおのかみ), his son, should go if Itsuno Ohabarino Kami or Ameno Ohabarino Kami (あめのおはばりのかみ) cannot. By the way, they continued, Ohabarino Kami is in the way to stop the water of Ameno Yasuno Kawa and no other gods cannot see Ohabarino Kami. We should send Ameno Kakunokami (あめのかくのかみ) to ask the earthly gods the important questions.

 Amaterasu listened to their suggestion and sent Ameno Kakunokami to Ohabarino Kami. Ohabarino Kami accepted his mission from Takamagahara. He, however, suggested that Takemikazuchi, his son, should be sent along with Ameno Torifuneno Kami (あめのとりふねのかみ).

 Two gods landed in Izasano Ohama (いざさのおはま). Takemikazuchi withdrew his Totsukano Tsurugi (とつかのつるぎ), put down the sword into the waves to sit down on top of the sword in a relaxed manner, and started to talk to Ookuninushi (おおくにぬし).

 “Ameno Torifuneno Kami and I were sent to here in Ashiharano Nakatsu Kuni to tell you this. Ashiharano Nakatsu Kuni, which you rule now, is supposed to be reigned by Amaterasu’s son. What do you say?”

 Ookuninushi replied, “I do not have a say. Yaekotoshironushino Kami (やえことしろぬしのかみ), my son, will, instead. Right now he is hunting and fishing at Mihono Misaki (みほのみさき). He is not back yet.”

 Then, Ameno Torifune was sent to Yaekotoshironushi to get an answer. He politely told his father, Ookuninushi, “Understood. Let’s give our land back to a heavenly god.”

 Yaekotoshironushi stamped on the edge of the boat where he was in and clapped his hands in an unusual way called Ameno Sakate (あめのさかて). All of sudden, the boat transformed into a special fish trap called Ao Fushigaki (あおふしがき), in which he hid himself and never came out.

 The mission of two heavenly gods was about to be accomplished, but there would be another trouble to deal with.