Speed Racer (マッハGoGoGo)

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 “Speed Racer” is an American title, imported from Japan. Original tytle of “Speed Racer” is “Mach (まっは) GoGoGo,” aired beteen April of 1967 and March of 1968. This TV anime became so popular that it had many re-runs later on.

 In “Speed Racer,” the name of main character is “Speed Racer.” In its original, his name is Mifune Go (みふねごう). His first name comes from the name of the title – “Go.” On the other hand, his last name is said to come from the family name of a Japanese big-name actor, Mifune Toshiro (みふねとしろう), without whom no Japanese Samurai movies have worked well.

 Here is the theme song of its original. “Speed Racer” kept its original melody. Enjoy!