Miso Soup (みそしる)


miso soup

(Typical Miso Soup – Tofu and Wakame)

 Do you like miso soup? Like it or not, one is served at Japanese restaurants, isn’t it? Just let you know – You don’t need a spoon. You will eat soup with hashi (a pair of chopsticks).

 Miso soup is made of miso (soy bean paste), which is made from soy beans. Also, depending on how much it was fermented, there are mainly 3 kinds of miso soup in Japan – Akamiso (あかみそ), Shiromiso (しろみそ), Awasemiso (mixture of the two – あわせみそ). 



 Ingredients consist of Wakame (わかめ:Seaweed), Tofu (とうふ), Daikon ( だいこんらでっしゅ), Mituba (みつば: kind of ciantlo), and so on. Vegitables harvested locally are usually used.

 Soup stock is made of seaweed called Konbu (こんぶ), bonito flakes called Katsuobushi (かつおぶし), and so on. Your favorite soup stock and ingredients are not necessarily your neighbours’. House wives make their own kind for years after getting married. In this country, there are couple of Japanese ingredients are available at the local Chinese or Korean stores.


 They are sold at the store to save people’s time. These days, there are, even in Japan, very few people who cook miso soup from scratch. For people who don’t want to cook at all, but who want to eat miso soup, a variety of pre-packaged instant miso soup are available.