Curry and Rice (カレーライス) or Curry Udon (カレーうどん)



(Curry and Rice)



(Curry and Udon)

 In any country in the world, children should have, at least a couple of them, their favorite home cooking. In Japan, one of them is “Curry and Rice (カレーライス)” or “Curry Udon (カレーうどん).” When you walk down on the street at dinner time, you can tell people will have or are having “Curry” for their dinner because it has a very strong flavor.

 You usually cook curry first. Ingredients are most likely beef, carrots, onions, and potatoes. Of course there are a couple of variation regarding “meat.” Some people love (deep fried) shrimp curry (and rice) like this.


 Others like or sometimes crave for “(deep fried) beef or pork curry” like this.


 They are simply variations while “beef curry and rice” is the Japanese basic. It is said that the origin of “curry rice” is some Indians opened their curry shop in Japan on a very busy street, but that they were not successful because the Japanese didn’t care for Indian curry. So, they closed their restaurant and sold it to some Japanese people, who created Japaense curry and rice so it would agree with Japanese people’s taste buds.

 Well, since then, curry and rice has already taken root in the whole nation and became an indispensable menue item at home cooking or restaurants. Now some others invented “curry udon” with (wheat) noodle. They replaced rice with wheat noodle. My kids love curry udon so much that they do request if I don’t cook curry udon for a couple of weeks!

 So, cook beef (or any meat you like), add other ingredients, and put boxed curry sauce (depending your preference) in hot water. Boil it while you take away the fat coming up on the surface of the water. After a while (10 – 15 minutes), you put curry sauce, which is usually solid placed and sold in the box. You can enjoy 1 hour after you stirred this mixture very well. The longer it simmers, the better the taste. My husband says the curry tastes better on the second day!

 Then, serve either rice (on the plate) or udon (on the bowl – Of course cooked by your while curry is being cooked in the pot.) and pour the curry of your favorite. Simple! One thing, curry and rice must come with red pickles called Fukujinzuke (ふくじんづけ). This is a must for curry and rice. 


 Enjoy a moment of bliss!